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Becoming limitless

Train. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Running exercises

Muscle training

Triathlon exercises

While running is beneficial for every system in your body, it is incredible what you can achieve once you go past your limitations – it is all in your head.

Jason Bush
Personal trainer

Welcome to the game

We specialize in events and training competitions for those who want to explore new limits and achievements in running and triathlon.


Find out how to control your body while running.


Every competition follows strict health and safety standards.


Experience a mix of swimming, cycling and running.


Compete, win, get awarded and motivate yourself for the next competition.

Your first stop
for running and
triathlon competitions

Over the past few decades, we have become the primary option for organizations trying to come up with triathlon and running competitions all over the world.

We ensure the respective competitions are organized by the highest standards – excellent locations, health and safety standards and unique rules. Awards are given based on the importance of the competition.

We also aim to help those engaged into such competitions push themselves. We work wonders with both amateurs and professionals. We have organized competitions for professional athletes, but we also help companies and organizations come up with sports events for their employees – excellent for team building.

On a side note, we have a bunch of personal trainers who will step in to help the least experienced ones. Benefit from customized training programs, dieting plans and tips and advice on how to push yourself over your limits.

Group training

Join the fun

Interested in group training? It could be a group of friends, employees or work colleagues. Our personal trainers will get your team ready for a running or triathlon competition based on your requirements and necessities. Everything is done with high health and safety standards in mind, so you can leave yourself in good hands.

Basic training

Personal training


Endurance training

Exceed your expectations

People are aware of their limitations – or so they believe. There are always ways to overcome them and it is usually a matter of setting the right mindset. Our personal trainers will help you get over these issues, discover a new version of yourself and learn how to improve it in the long run. It is all about working with your brain.

Identify issues.

Find solutions.


Fuel your body

Professional dieting

You probably imagine professional athletes have a team of nutritionists looking after each calorie, protein or carb they get. Some of them do, but pretty much everything is pure science and these principles are readily available to everyone. People can now gain access to highly customized dieting plans based on their needs.


Essential nutrients.

A new lifestyle.

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