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Becoming limitless

Train. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Running exercises

Muscle training

Triathlon exercises

While running is beneficial for every system in your body, it is incredible what you can achieve once you go past your limitations – it is all in your head.

Jason Bush
Personal trainer

Welcome to the game

We specialize in events and training competitions for those who want to explore new limits and achievements in running and triathlon.


Find out how to control your body while running.


Every competition follows strict health and safety standards.


Experience a mix of swimming, cycling and running.


Compete, win, get awarded and motivate yourself for the next competition.

Your first stop
for running and
triathlon competitions

Over the past few decades, we have become the primary option for organizations trying to come up with triathlon and running competitions all over the world.

We ensure the respective competitions are organized by the highest standards – excellent locations, health and safety standards and unique rules. Awards are given based on the importance of the competition.

We also aim to help those engaged into such competitions push themselves. We work wonders with both amateurs and professionals. We have organized competitions for professional athletes, but we also help companies and organizations come up with sports events for their employees – excellent for team building.

On a side note, we have a bunch of personal trainers who will step in to help the least experienced ones. Benefit from customized training programs, dieting plans and tips and advice on how to push yourself over your limits.

Group training

Join the fun

Interested in group training? It could be a group of friends, employees or work colleagues. Our personal trainers will get your team ready for a running or triathlon competition based on your requirements and necessities. Everything is done with high health and safety standards in mind, so you can leave yourself in good hands.

Basic training

Personal training


Endurance training

Exceed your expectations

People are aware of their limitations – or so they believe. There are always ways to overcome them and it is usually a matter of setting the right mindset. Our personal trainers will help you get over these issues, discover a new version of yourself and learn how to improve it in the long run. It is all about working with your brain.

Identify issues.

Find solutions.


Fuel your body

Professional dieting

You probably imagine professional athletes have a team of nutritionists looking after each calorie, protein or carb they get. Some of them do, but pretty much everything is pure science and these principles are readily available to everyone. People can now gain access to highly customized dieting plans based on their needs.


Essential nutrients.

A new lifestyle.

A brief guide to Hydromax Penis Pumps

If you have been searching online for an option to enlarge your penis, you’ve undoubtedly come across this masterpiece; the Hydromax penis enlargement pumps. This pump has left its competition in the dust by soaring across all review pages gathering thousands of positive reviews in just a few months.


How do the Hydromax Pumps work?


The Hydromax penis enlargement pumps have a simple working principle. At first, it fills up the tunnel with water while you seal your penis into it. When you are ready, you draw out the water creating a low pressure around your penis. This drop in pressure forces the blood in your body to rush into the penis and harden it.

With a steady blood flow inside your penis, the organ hardens, and you experience an erection. If you repeat this every day, you will gradually notice an increase in the length and girth of your penis.


What are the advantages or benefits of using the Hydromax pumps?


The Hydromax sex toys have innumerable benefits. Here’s a list of the important ones:


  • Helps achieve rock-hard erections in no time.
  • Use the Hydromax to increase penis size, both in girth and length.
  • Engorges and exercises the entire penis length.
  • The Hydromax pump helps facilitate blood flow in the penis, which benefits penile health.
  • Helps achieve maximum expansion on erectile tissues for phenomenal penis growth.
  • Bathmate hydro pump produces a more powerful vacuum than conventional air vacuum.
  • Using the Bathmate with its shower strap accessory makes it convenient and hands-free.
  • Very minimal moving mechanism making it virtually maintenance-free.
  • Bathmate is made from polycarbonate, making it a quality, robust, durable product.
  • Bathmate gaiter is made from a high-grade and skin-safe compound allowing maximum sealing capacity on the pelvic base while providing comfort.
  • Every purchase of Bathmate comes with a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • No side effects when used according to the manufacturer’s safety guidelines and proper routines, as well as prevent any injury.


Is there any scientific logic behind so many excellent benefits of this one product?


The Hydromax hydro pumps are effective water-assisted vacuum pumps. This method is unique because these pumps do not use air like conventional vacuum erection pumps. Utilizing water to create a vacuum force is more effective than air and allows the user to relax comfortably while in the bath or shower. The Hydromax pump helps develop the penis muscles, especially Corpora Cavernosa making it grow large and robust.

Hence, it boosts an increase in penis size by stretching the penis in both girth and length while achieving a rock-hard erection. The process involves drawing blood into these chambers as in a natural erection. The design of the gaiter pump is calculated to allow safe and minimal compression force, achieving maximum expansion force and maximum growth with minimum discomfort. Using this Hydromax hydro penis pump will increase penis size, but results might vary from person to person.


The time it takes to achieve an increase in length and girth is proportional to how often the pump is used. For instance, if used daily, there should be a noticeable size increase within 30 days.


Are there any safety concerns related to using this enlargement pump?


The device is safe and can be used by anyone who wants to increase his penis size. However, it is crucial to follow safety guidelines or recommended beginners’ routine and perform it as directed in the official user’s guide, especially for beginners. Doing so ensures not only safety but achieves positive gains, as well. If you doubt your current health condition, consult your doctor before using the device. Do not use the device if there is a recent surgical procedure performed in the penile area. Moreover, stop using the device immediately if discomfort or pain is experienced after first use or while using it. Allow the penis to rest, then observe if the pain subsides; otherwise, consult a doctor if the pain or discomfort persists.


Would I recommend the Hydromax Penis Enlargement pump?


Water pumps like the Hydromax provide a more soothing means of penis enlargement compared to air vacuum pumps. It gives much more significant tissue expansion and much less fluid retention. When doing penis pumping, the pressure should not bring water retention or swelling. Instead, it should give tissue expansion, and hydro pumps are genuinely effective in achieving it as it draws the blood much quicker due to a higher pressure.

Remember that the results will depend on the user’s consistency and dedication behind using the pump regularly. Furthermore, to avoid injury and other adverse outcomes, follow Hydromax’s recommended routine, especially if you are a beginner.


The Hydromax Penis Enlargement device does seem like a good sex toy when it comes to penis enlargement. Even after reading about the scientific work behind the Hydromax Penis pump, I had my doubts regarding its real-life benefits. But after going through scores of review websites and blogs, I lost all my suspicion.


So if you want to ask for my opinion, I would surely give it a green signal as this penis enlargement sex toy does seem to do all the wonders.