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While running is beneficial for every system in your body, it is incredible what you can achieve once you go past your limitations – it is all in your head.

Jason Bush
Personal trainer

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We specialize in events and training competitions for those who want to explore new limits and achievements in running and triathlon.


Find out how to control your body while running.


Every competition follows strict health and safety standards.


Experience a mix of swimming, cycling and running.


Compete, win, get awarded and motivate yourself for the next competition.

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for running and
triathlon competitions

Over the past few decades, we have become the primary option for organizations trying to come up with triathlon and running competitions all over the world.

We ensure the respective competitions are organized by the highest standards – excellent locations, health and safety standards and unique rules. Awards are given based on the importance of the competition.

We also aim to help those engaged into such competitions push themselves. We work wonders with both amateurs and professionals. We have organized competitions for professional athletes, but we also help companies and organizations come up with sports events for their employees – excellent for team building.

On a side note, we have a bunch of personal trainers who will step in to help the least experienced ones. Benefit from customized training programs, dieting plans and tips and advice on how to push yourself over your limits.

Group training

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Interested in group training? It could be a group of friends, employees or work colleagues. Our personal trainers will get your team ready for a running or triathlon competition based on your requirements and necessities. Everything is done with high health and safety standards in mind, so you can leave yourself in good hands.

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People are aware of their limitations – or so they believe. There are always ways to overcome them and it is usually a matter of setting the right mindset. Our personal trainers will help you get over these issues, discover a new version of yourself and learn how to improve it in the long run. It is all about working with your brain.

Identify issues.

Find solutions.


Fuel your body

Professional dieting

You probably imagine professional athletes have a team of nutritionists looking after each calorie, protein or carb they get. Some of them do, but pretty much everything is pure science and these principles are readily available to everyone. People can now gain access to highly customized dieting plans based on their needs.


Essential nutrients.

A new lifestyle.

Green Vietnam Kratom – Effects, Dosage & User Reviews

Kratoms are getting popular with every passing day, as people often suffer from anxiety and depression. Its active ingredient is mitragynine. They are not opioids but have similar functions, like that of stress-relief and sedation. The kratoms generally inherit their names from the place they have originated. They are generally used in the form of a powder. Other options like capsules, beverages, tea, desserts are also available in the market. If used sensibly, they do not possess any severe side effects.

Among the popular kratoms, Green Vein Vietnam Kratom deserves a special mention. The popularity of this specific Vietnam Green Kratom is due to its quintessential effects and benefits.

Green Vein Vietnam Kratom Effects:

  • The effects and benefits of this kratom are widespread. It is very potent and provides enormous relief from pain.
  • It is user-friendly and hassle-free. You do not need to learn or have a piece of vast knowledge in this background to use it. All you have to do is be sensible while using it.
  • Green Vein Vietnam Kratom is something that you can use throughout the day, without any time boundary.
  • It will render your relief from any chronic pain and control your blood pressure.
  • Kratom Green Vietnam can also work as a sedative. It is competent to provide you relaxing and euphoric effects if consumed in a proper dosage.
  • It has mood-enhancing abilities that can lift your energy level and keep you distanced from fatigue.
  • It also controls post-traumatic stress disorders and provides muscle relaxation.

Green Vein Vietnam Kratom Dosage:

You should use Green Vietnam Kratoms sensibly, keeping mind the side effects of high dosage. The dosage is hence quantitatively classified into the following categories:

  • Low Dosage: The low dosage or minimum dosage of the kratom is said to be 1-5 gms. The effect of consuming it in this specified quantity helps a person to gain energy and feel rejuvenated. But in the beginning, it is advisable to use about 1-2 gms to test it on you. After consuming, it takes about half an hour to start its action. If this doesn’t work yet, consume about 1-2 gms again, and this will ensure its operation.
  • High Dosage: The high dosage of kratom is about 5 to 15 gms. The effects after this are almost similar to that of opioids. It helps you get relieved from any long-lasting pain from which you have been suffering. It helps to develop mental peace and relaxation. It arrests all kinds of muscle pain or anxiety that bug you. Although this may increase the risk of side effects or negative impacts that the Vietnam Vein Green Kratom consists of.
  • Risky Dosage: Consuming more than 15 gms is proven to be misleading causing a high chance of suffering innumerable side effects. Dosage to this extent is used as a sedative.

Is Green Vietnam Kratom right for you?

Green Vietnam Kratom doesn’t require any special recommendation. Anyone confident about their judgment can give it a try. It is widely used by various people suffering from any kind of unbearable stress. It is a way to open doors of relaxation. But, before using switching to any such kratoms, you should keep in mind a few points:

  1. Know the basics like “how to use it”, “why to use it” and “when to use it”.
  2. Be well-acquainted with the side effects and negative impacts of it.
  3. Access your body requirements and consult a doctor if you have prior issues.
  4. Be conscious and judge correctly before you take every dose.
  5. Start with a small dose and monitor your body effects.
  6. Ask someone to keep a track of your dosage and its effects as a high dose may lead to severe problems.
  7. Kratoms are highly reactive and can react with alcohol or any other medicines that you consume. Hence, be careful about this fact.
  8. If ever you feel or experience severe side effects, it is advisable to stop the procedure and seek medical assistance in this matter
  9. Along with the benefits, the risks come hand-in-hand. Hence, you should be well-learned with the risks or problems that may arise in the long run.
  10. If you quit, you may face severe withdrawal symptoms like nausea, mood fluctuations, and insomnia. Hence, start only if you are brave enough to handle the consequences.

Green Vietnam Kratom user reviews:

Surveys and questionnaires have proven that the users of Kratom Green Vein Vietnam are very much satisfied with its magical drive. People who have used it, claims that it has a powerful and long-lasting effect in their bodies. Even a minimal dosage of it provides relaxation to the body. It has gained popularity because of its outpouring effects that overshadow its negative impacts. Green Vein Vietnam Kratom delivers hours of fun without the missteps or failures associated with a coffee crash.

Source for this article: LAweekly Kratom Vendors

The Most Comprehensive Guide on Red Thai Kratom

For a layman to understand what Red Thai Kratom or Kratom is, it is a plant indigenous to Thailand and South-east Asia as these areas have a climate suitable for their uninterrupted growth. Red Vein Thai Kratom are used for the production of mild sedatives or drugs delivering opioid-like effects on the user and are known to be used and even abused globally for quick analgesic effects.

This plant has red veins throughout its leaves and stem thus making these Thai Red Kratom plants unique and recognizable. The Thai Red Vein Kratom is marked as the most efficient Vein Kratom popularly used as a strain for lifting mood and delivering relaxation. Red Thai Kratom has been an active replacement for common analgesic medications for the people using painkillers chronically. It is also used for treating withdrawal symptoms in opioid addicts.

As is stated above, the Red Vein Thai Kratom is used/abused to treat withdrawal effects, it becomes a point of concern for everyone who is considering using Red Thai Kratom as painkillers that they should land a proper prescription signed with the seal and the license of the doctor prescribing it.

A good prescription and restrained usage of this Red Vein Kratom would drop nonchalant effects on the user and any variation or alteration in the prescribed dosage might lead to the user experiencing unending Euphoria leading to depression or developing a habit of bulky intake which might prove to be menacing in the long run or leading to making this Red Thai Kratom act as a depressant.

Effects of Red Thai Kratom

Red Vein Thai Kratom is a high-rated Kratom. It is widely used and even replaced with other painkillers because of its multifarious effects and functions. From mood-elevation and pain relaxation to Euphoria, Red Vein Thai Kratom does its work magically.

Here is a list of the medicinal benefits encircling this very Red Vein Kratom: –

A cure for insomnia

Red Thai Kratom can effectively replace your local prescription for dealing with insomnia as insomnia happens due to your mind’s inability to shut itself off completely and this Red Vein Kratom works on the very thing by delivering a calm and happy state which induces sleep. A happy state of mind, a no-no mood for depression, a relaxed body and a proper sleep schedule can make you do wonders and this Red Vein Kratom comes to your rescue!

A state of tranquility

  • Red Thai Kratom is a strain that furnishes relaxation in the body. It produces an effect to ease up your muscles and relieves pain quickly to calm your muscles and body.
  • This instant relaxation in pain is due to the abundant presence of 7-hydroxymitragynine in its composition.
  • A high dosage of Red Thai Kratom induces a tranquil state which is possible because 7-hydroxymitragynine is an opioid agonist.
  • People having work-overload issues can try this Red Vein Kratom for better work life.


People looking for an effective and long-lasting sleep aid or painkillers should definitely go for Red Thai Kratom as it has exceptionally long-lasting action compared to any other Kratom.

Curing opiate withdrawal effects

  • The feature that makes Kratom Red Vein Thai a proud baby is its successful usage for treating withdrawal effects of opioids. The withdrawal effects of hard drugs include insomnia, anxiety, depression, or muscle pain and all these can be effectively cured by Red Thai Kratom.
  • Many drug-addicts who face trouble quitting hard drugs (such as heroin) due to their harsh withdrawal effects can definitely switch to this Kratom as it not only proves to be a suitable replacement but also helps you detox your body because Red Vein Kratom is not addictive in nature and its dose can be halted as it won’t ever have any withdrawal effects.

Lifting mood

  • Red Thai Kratom can be your friendly neighborhood well-wisher as it is active in suppressing negativity, thus inducing optimism, happiness, and euphoria in the mind of the user.
  • It is an instant mood lifter and people love this red strain particularly for this property. It can cure depression if taken under proper prescription.

Pain relief

  • This is your one-stop-solution for body pain! The alkaloid-rich leaves typically copy the effects that an opioid can deliver, relieving every pain.
  • This Red Vein Kratom also delivers successful painkilling effects for pains like migraines, and these Red strain leaves also cure typical pain such as that of diseases like Arthritis.
  • This strain is an excellent replacement for painkillers, and it is said to cause less damage to the user compared to any other strain.

What Is the Appropriate Dose?

The aftereffects of Red Thai Kratom alter with the amount of intake and also depend on how and what are they exactly consumed for.

People can report different after-effects of Red Vein Kratom intake since this Kratom is a spectrum drug and behaves distinctly with every individual.

A low dosage of Red Vein Thai Kratom (i.e. 1-2gms) can boost your energy and make you experience mild euphoria.

An intermediate intake of Red Thai Kratom (i.e. 3-5gms) can lead to prominent analgesia and mild sedation.

A high dosage of Red Thai Kratom (i.e. 6gms or more) can deliver opiate-like effects and can prove to be potentially overwhelming.

Does Red Thai Kratom have Side Effects?

Red Vein Thai Kratom are considered to be very safe to use. But everything is safe when used, not when abused. Mind this!

An enormous intake of this Red Vein Kratom can prove to be fatal and can deliver ill effects on the user. Mild or intense nausea, fatigue and vomiting are some common ill effects.

An extremely high dosage of this Red Thai Kratom can cause serious damage to the health and hence it is advised to stick to the prescription even if you feel tempted or your body demands it more and more.

Where to buy Red Thai Kratom

BKN Kratom

Location: USA

Produce and sell: Powder and capsules

Quality: High-end with money-back policy

Packaging: Highly safe and very discreet

Customer care: Very active and supportive


Yellow Vietnam Kratom: The Ultimate Anxiety, Depression, and body pain killer

“Its Health That Is Real Wealth Not the Pieces of Gold and Silver”- Gandhi, The World Is Full Of chemicals but still we tend to live a healthy lifestyle. We want to use Organic Products be it the Shilajeet Herbs or the Organic Tea we tend to avoid the chemically made substitutes. Every health freak must be aware of ‘Kratom’ and Its ability to make your lifestyle even healthier. But health does not limit to Physical health as people in the 21st Century reportedly suffer more mentally than physically as Anxiety and Depression have become the permanent mates of every human body.

There are very few options to get rid of the permanent mates (i.e. Depression and anxiety)and here comes the discovery of ‘Yellow kratom’, an ultimate solution for soothing the human mind and body, which comes from the land of history and diversity, Vietnam. Yellow kratom sometimes called as Vietnam Gold kratom and like the color ‘Yellow’ it brings happiness and optimism.

Mitragyna Speciosa, the tress of this species gives birth to kratoms and give humans a chance to live their life healthily and soothingly. The Magical Kratom is mainly found in Asian countries in the southeast such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and some of its Species in India. The magical Vietnam Yellow Vein is commercialized and sold for its never disappointing effects on human brains and bodies.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom vs Another Strain

The color Yellow makes ‘Vietnam Yellow Vein Kratom’ unique to other strains of kratom. The color is climate, soil, and environment-dependent, but it has been said by the psychologists that the color yellow brings Optimism, Happiness, and Calmness, and so does the consumption of Yellow Vein Vietnam Kratom bring, unlike any other kratom stain.

Most Kratoms strains give consumers a sedative kind of effect, whereas Vietnam Yellow Kratom provides a soothing and won’t lead you to sleep, unlike other Kratom stains. The majority of the consumers enjoy the sleeping effect of the other strains but some of them just want to relax and do their stuff with a pleased and optimistic mind.

The third thing that makes ‘Vietnam Yellow Vein Kratom’ different than rest is that it tastes sweeter and much consumable in its powdered tea form. Unlike other’s non-pleasurable bitter taste Yellow Vein Vietnam is the standout winner.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom Effects

Vietnam Yellow Vein Kratom, A great mind pleaser that provides unconditional soothing effects on the human mind and body. Here come the experts and consumers claimed effects of Vietnam Yellow Vein:

  • Super soothing and Relaxing: Kratom Yellow Vein Vietnam will make you feel balanced, like everything in your body is perfectly at the right place. The Alkaloids in the Vietnam Yellow Vein Kratom works perfectly in the brain and send optimistically soothing signals that lead to the relaxation of the whole body. The Yellow Vein Vietnam says goodbye to Workload and Psychological stress and makes you feel light and happy.
  • No More Pain: No matter how chronic the pain is ‘Vietnam Yellow Vein Kratom’ kills it in seconds and helps you feel relaxed with the physical pain. It has the quality to numb the receptors and helps you achieve a soothing feeling and relaxation. The best thing about the Yellow Vein Vietnam that it won’t make you feel sleepy or heavy like another kratom. You can feel like a bird released from its cage and just relax.
  • Instant Focus and Concentration is achieved: Yellow Vein Vietnam Kratom, A great mind pleaser that provides unconditional soothing effects on the human mind and body that helps you achieve maximum concentration and focus. Many consumers have reported that the Kratom Yellow Vein Vietnam has helped them to achieve their tasks when they felt they couldn’t. Kratom Yellow Vietnam is great for students and working professionals to provide them natural aid for focus and concentration.
  • Boost your mind anytime: The Sense of optimism and happiness is reported by many consumers and researchers. The presence of 25% more Alkaloids than other kratom strains in the Kratom Yellow Vietnam works perfectly in the brain and sends optimistically soothing signals that lead to a happy mood and says goodbye to Workload and Psychological stress and makes you feel light and happy

Yellow Vietnam Kratom Dosage.

It has always been prescribed said starts with the smaller dosage, and thus this is the right time if you are new to Kratom. You can usually start with 1.5 grams and notice how your body reacts and then you can adjust the consumption if you either feel no effect or uncertain.

And Make sure you buy Kratom Yellow Vein Vietnam from an authentic source and do not forget to seek a health professional-just in case something feels off.

But once you achieve the correct dosage according to your body, you will be able to experience all the soothing effects on your mind and body.