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The event of a lifetime

Whether you are trying to become a professional athlete, show your colleagues who the best is or you simply want some personal recognition for your hard work, our running and triathlon events will give you the adrenaline and experience you require in no time. Explore our events, joint and show everyone what you are capable of.

Our work

Sporting events with professional backup.

Our running events are organized internationally. We welcome athletes from all over the world. While mostly in the USA, we often organize triathlon and running events in other countries as well – subscribe to us for more details.

Apart from sporting events, we also specialized in professional backup – we provide training, guidance and dieting plans.

Organize yourself

A professional athlete is a well organized individual – small tips and a bit of education will push you in the right direction.

Timely training

Organization is highly related to how you spend your time too. Get a few insights to change your lifestyle to 180 degrees.

The body of your dreams

Whether you are after professional competitions or you need training, we ensure you benefit from the optimal fitness regime.

Less talk, more work

Discover your spirit

Discover your running spirit. Sign up to receive news about our competitions – whether you are interested in running or triathlon. Get in touch with us for comprehensive training plans and dieting solutions to ensure you gain as much as possible from these competitions. Furthermore, get in touch with our trainers for specialized guidance.

Build a new you

Comprehensive training

Our competitions represent a certain array of activities. On the other hand, we also provide access to sophisticated and professional training programs for both aspiring and experienced athletes. Whether you are after running, cycling or swimming, get in touch with our personal trainers and they will change your lifestyle overnight. Bring in a bit of dedication and consistency and we promise to change the world for you.

Healthy looks

Train today, look good tomorrow

To some, our personal training solutions are ideal for their competitions. To others, it is all about their looks. No matter what your purpose is, a good training regime will inevitably change your looks – tone, strength and power.

Compete, win, repeat

Our competitions

Our competitions go in two directions. We organize running and triathlon events for various organizations, but we also have our own competitions – our rules, our prizes. Each competition represents an opportunity to boost yourself, so feel free to take advantage.