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What it takes to win

Your workout might be someone else’s warmup. No matter how intensely you go, it will always be like this. The point is to be number one. It will be painful. It could be uncomfortable. You could think of hundreds of other things you would rather do. But try to see it this way. Feel the pain today and live the rest of your life like a champion.

How to win in a competition

Start training early and make sure you challenge yourself during each workout.

Get a good plan

Get a plan yourself or simply ask one of our personal trainers for advice – the plan should include both workouts and dieting.

Stick to it

You may not see visible results straight away. Numbers might show you a difference within weeks. Stick to consistency.

Explore the results

Results will be visible after weeks or months. It does not mean you have to stop – the next chapter will start soon.

John Wood

Personal trainer

John wood is specialized in anything that involves triathlon activities – running, cycling and swimming at the highest standards.

Diana Nicol

Dieting expert

Diana knows that your workout efforts will be hindered by poor dieting. Every little aspect must be taken in consideration when coming up with a plan.

Mary Aspen

Event planner

Mary Aspen is one of the masterminds behind our running and triathlon events, as well as a common competitor.

Joshua Heimann

Group trainer

Joshua is one of the people behind our events, as well as a general trainer for groups of all kinds – usually involved with team building.